We have embarked.

We met our self-imposed deadline of April 8th for departure from Nevada and life has since been a whirlwind of driving a few hours and showing up unexpectedly in other cities. Brooke and I plan to use this blog as a memory book and as a means of distributing information to everybody who cares all at once instead of contacting everybody individually. Here, hopefully, all interested parties can see our photos, stories, and discoveries. Check back soon for a summary of our first week on the road!

Don’t worry. Everything is fine.

5 thoughts on “We have embarked.

  1. I’m looking forward to your discoveries. Will you claim newly discovered land in the name of President Duck? He recently discovered that North Korea is not far from South Korea. He has the Chinese to thank for that bit of ancient wisdom.


  2. Love you Brookie and will be praying for you and Eli to have very safe travels, awesome adventures and wonderful memories and learning as you go! Don’t forget to hit me up if you’re in New Jersey !!! Have fun !
    Auntie Stacy


  3. I am very happy that You are going on this adventure together! It is great to have the opportunity to follow along with you through this blog. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop and sharing stories and pictures! I look forward to more overy the course of the journey!


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