Mini Update – Sequim, WA

We’re getting breakfast as our last stop in our exodus from Olympic National Forest. We chose a popular and delicious place in Sequim, WA called Oak Table Cafe, coffee compliments of White Cup Espresso, both of which are locally famous. The weather this week has, for the first time since Nevada, been less than ideal. We didn’t get to see Hoh Rainforest as a result but we did visit Hurricane Ridge and Crescent Lake. We’ll get back to Seattle tonight and stay until Monday to visit the Microsoft Visitor Center and then start our journey towards Montana. It’s been wet and cold this week but we’ve been staying busy and warm and our attitudes are unaffected by the eight consecutive days free of direct sunshine. We have two stops left between here and Yellowstone and the hype is building. I expect we’ll get to Montana near the end of this week, visit for a few days, and finally see the Great Prismatic Spring. I’m almost too excited. 

3 thoughts on “Mini Update – Sequim, WA

  1. OH, the Olympic National Forest is one of my favorite places- for sentimental reasons as well as the beauty. I hope you got to go to the hot springs! I worked on a farm in Sequim and lived in Port Angeles for a couple of months back in 1979…. Good for you oxoxo


  2. How rainforest is a rainforest you know. You will just have to go back some day for sure. Hike the Hoh trail and also Queets. One time Donna and I were mushrooming a few miles from the Queens ranger station and found an arrow near an elk hide. Took it to the ranger and he was really happy to get it. There is always poaching there and using the arrow style, length etc, they did track the shooter down after an investigation. Ranger called to let us know. Basic problem with your trip Eli, to do it the way you want will take the rest of your life. Too much fantastic stuff in the USA and Canada for you to ever see. Spend more time in the wilds and not the cities. Space Needle you can visit on google.. but that Hoh Rainforest needs feet on the ground. You were close to Neah Bay.. great Makah Indian museum there. Tons of north west Indian culture in WA. Lot of Indian wars between dozens of tribes. Makah used to go out in bloody canoes and harpoon grey whale, drag them to the beach and harvest everything.
    You also need to visit Victoria, what a beautiful place and flowers like you have never seen.. Have fun be safe and take lots of memory photos.
    Love ya’ de grandpa Fergy


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