Germany…I mean, Leavenworth.

We made a quick stop in the Snoqualmie area to visit with an old family friend and enjoy the six-hundredth waterfall that we have seen since leaving the vast nothingness deserts of Nevada. Not to discredit Snoqualmie Falls either, it was definitely gorgeous. From there, we decided to make a quick detour on our way out of Washington and ended up spending a day in the best little town ever;



I have never laughed as hard as I did when we entered this place. Everything, everything, is Bavarian themed. The buildings, the signage, the language, everything resembled a quaint german village in the mountains. Even the chain companies like Starbucks and McDonalds had gothic fonts and old world style buildings. I could barely contain my excitement and amusement driving through and comparing it to the parts of Germany that I had visited. Eli spent most of the day working from the local Starbucks (SterneBoche?) so I took it upon myself to explore the area. Although it is a small town of only 2,000, there is more than enough to keep you entertained for hours. We had heard from friends that they do amazing events for Christmas time and Oktoberfest but even in the off season, it was really enjoyable.

FullSizeRender (11)

I spent hours wandering up and down streets, photographing the cute buildings, enjoying the murals on the walls, and thoroughly exploring the various shops. Most businesses were filled with souvinier type goods like stein mugs and t-shirts with leiderhosen printed on them. A few were more unique little boutiques but it was very apparent that this place was more interested in tourists than being authentic, big surprise.  I still really enjoyed it all though. I made sure to get all of the “german” experiences which included a huge, buttery pretzel with beer cheese, listening to yodeling and accordian music in the park, and admiring some hand made nutcrackers. It was a blast. I even sent videos to my german sister who verified that it was, indeed, an accurate representation of some real towns in Bavaria.


Eli finally joined me later in the day and we did some exploring together before we purchased some amazing fudge (which is slowly becoming a tradition of ours, oh lord) and went to dinner. During my exploration, I made sure to ask the locals where to find the most convincing german food, for which they recommended Andreas Keller Restaurant. The setting was all right but the food was…unfortunate. I went for my favorite dish, Kassespatzle, and Eli tried a classic wurst of some sort and both were very plain tasting. We were pretty disappointed so instead we ate our fill of fudge before leaving for our next spot.

For now, our goal is to make it through the rest of Washington before the end of the week. We will be passing through small towns until the weekend where we will make the final push through a small chunk of Idaho and into Montana, concluding our travels through the West Coast and putting us into the Northern United States, finally! We have been on the road for a grand total of ten weeks now and we haven’t killed each other (not for lack of trying). Although we are so far out of our comfort zones, van living is almost like second nature to us and we have had an amazing time so far. We are embracing our lives as intrepid adventurers and as always, everything is fine.


5 thoughts on “Germany…I mean, Leavenworth.

  1. that is one good looking pretzel…. even though it feels like it is staring at me with dead eyes. That sounds like a cool little town. I hope to make in back up to the pacific north west some day and in a more mobile manner so I can go exploring again!

    Have fun you two, and as always, be safe and write if you find work.


  2. Paul & Kristin here back in Eugene. Years and years ago, the declining town of Leavenworth reportedly approached scholars at the University of Oregon pleading for help to survive as a town. The recommendation was to go Bavarian. The townspeople did and it has been a great success. I guided rafting trips out of Leavenworth in the 80s, telling this story many times. It was a fun town to visit on summer weekends. Glad you are well…


    • It definitely seems like a great way to get some tourists to the area! What a fun job that much have been! We miss you guys, hope you are doing well!


  3. It’s interesting to hear about Leavenworth from someone who has spent time in Germany! You’re right, it’s absolutely geared towards tourism, not authenticity. I grew up in the town, and I think I only dined at the German restaurants a couple of times in over a decade, ha. Van life certainly sounds like an adventure!


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