Mini Update – Melbourne, FL

We’re still alive and well. Since Washington, D.C., we spent two weeks with Brooke’s good friend in North Carolina before heading further south into Florida. I’ve been working with my coworkers on-site since we got to Melbourne so there’s been no shortage of work for me. Brooke has taken on a few commissions and projects and so the blog has fallen by the wayside for now. Fear not – We are getting to the end of our crunch time and should have the full details of our time in North Carolina and Florida soon along with the typical stream of photos.

For our up and coming content, I’ve been experimenting with some new photo editing software so with any luck I’ll have something fancy to show off soon. Also, Brooke and I finally finished the outline for our next MegaPost which will be our guide to vandwelling. It will be fun and satisfying to have a record on how we prepared the van for travel and everything we’ve learned on the road so far (especially now that we’re past the six month mark!).

Hopefully we didn’t lose anybody in our absence. Stick around a little longer!

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